Rowing Blazers

ROWING BLAZERS, the monumental new book by Jack Carlson, featuring original photographs by F.E. Castleberry and others, looks at the authentic striped, piped, trimmed and badged blazers still worn by oarsmen and -women around the world today, and at the elite athletes, esoteric traditions, prestigious institutions and historic races associated with them. If you're in the US, pre-order a signed copy here, and if you're outside the US, order the UK edition now.


Rowing Blazers Limited Edition Tie

Original, limited edition necktie in navy blue features embroidered blazers hand-drawn by Rowing Blazers author Jack Carlson.

  • Ships worldwide in a Rowing Blazers giftbox

  • Designed by Jack Carlson

  • Made in England

US $48

Book must be ordered separately.  All orders are subject to our terms and conditions.

Please note that ties ordered between December 24th and January 8th, will not ship until January 8th!

Photo of Jack Carlson by Jason Varney.